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EVENT: United Universities for Palestine

EVENT: Vereinigte Universitäten für Palästina


EVENT: Vereinigte Universitäten für Palästina

Die Vereinigten Universitäten der ganzen Welt
kämpfen für die Menschenrechte in Palästina

Akademiker der ganzen Welt folgen Hawkings beim Boykott von Israel.
Universitäten geben Erklärungen ab, demonstrieren und/oder streiken,
womit sie für Menschenrechte und gegen die Apartheid kämpfen.

EVENT: United Universities for Palestine

United Universities of whole world
fighting for human rights of Palestine

Academics of world follow Hawkings, supporting boycott of Israel.
Universities make declarations, demonstrations and/or strike,
fighting for human rights and against apartheid.

الحدث :إتحاد الجامعات من اجل فلسطين

إتحاد جميع جامعات العالم
في النضال من اجل حقوق الإنسان في فلسطين
الأكاديميون في العالم يسيرون خلف هوكنز في دعم مقاطعة الجامعات الإسرائيلية وإصدار بيانات و القيام بمظاهرات وإضرابات للنضال من اجل حقوق الإنسان في فلسطين وضد التمييز العنصري


München 72


und Film nach Ausstrahlung am So, 22.07.12 um 21:45 Uhr


Gerechtigkeit für Gaza - justicia para Gaza - justice pour Gaza - justice for Gaza

Gerechtigkeit für Palästina – justicia para Palestina – justice pour Palestine – justice for Palestine / Petitionen

weitere Petitionen


I just sent petition it to European Parlament,

but need signatures:

UFree Action Alert: Akram Rikhawi at risk

PETITION on UFree-site:

UFree Action Alert: Akram Rikhawi at risk

UFree Human Rights Network
Diabetic Palestinian prisoner Akram Rikhawi has been on a hunger strike for 83 days and is at imminent risk of dying. According to the World Medical Association, in most cases death occurs between 42nd and 72nd days of hunger strike. Rikhawi suffers from various chronic conditions: diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, kidney problems, and deterioration of his eye lenses, high cholesterol, and immune deficiency. Due to these pre-existing conditions Rikhawi’s hunger strike has been even harder on his body, and already a month ago he was in very fragile condition. Now he is in a coma and his condition is deteriorating fast.
Akram Rikhawi went on hunger strike on 12 April as a protest when he was not granted early release on the basis of his medical condition and social circumstances. (He has got 8 biological children and 5 adoptive children.) He has requested for early release twice: in 2010, and on 5 June 2012. Every prisoner is entitled to ask to be considered for early release when at least two thirds of their sentence has been served. In all discussions, these factors were disregarded and a file with ‘secret information’ was the only material considered.
Rikhawi from Gaza was arrested by Israeli occupation forces in 2004 and sentenced to 9 years’ imprisonment by a military court.
During his hunger strike Rikhawi has only seen an independent doctor once, on 6 June. Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I) has made numerous requests to gain access to Rikhawi, but Israeli authorities continually deny their requests. The situation for independent doctors to visit patients has gotten worse since the hunger strikes began earlier this spring. Now they have to apply for permission through the courts for every single visit, and often the courts deny, delay and obstruct their work, and thus prevent the basic human rights of the prisoners for proper medical health care.
Following the visit on 6 June, the PHR-I doctor reported that Rikhawi’s weight had decreased from 68 kilos to 50 kilos, which is a total loss of 26.5%. The doctor further determined that a combination of inflammation of prior chronic illnesses and the complications of hunger strike rendered hospitalisation immediately necessary, as he was at immediate risk of death. The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) medical centre is not a hospital, and according to the PHR-I it is not properly equipped to handle the physical deterioration and effects of long-term hunger strike.
Rikhawi has been held in the IPS medical unit in Ramleh ever since his initial arrest. On 14 June 2012 the Israeli District Court rejected a PHR-I appeal to transfer him to a civilian hospital despite his critical condition. The decision was based on a medical opinion of the IPS that denies that his life is in danger. According to the PHR-I, ‘this opinion is in complete contradiction to the one of the independent doctor, and is not referring to any medical data on which it is based. It also does not relate to the opinion of the independent doctor and the risks it cites.’ Last week Rikhawi was briefly hospitalised to a civilian hospital several times, but returned to Ramleh prison clinic. This moving back and forth a patient in such a critical condition could also amount to a medical neglect. Akram has also been shackled to his hospital bed with three limbs, even though he is in a very critical condition.
On Tuesday 19 June, an Addameer lawyer, Ms. Neddaf, noted following her visit to Ramleh prison medical clinic that Rikhawi was extremely tired, weak and weighed only 49 kilos. Furthermore, since 16 June, he has been refusing any vitamins and fluids through an IV. (The IPS doctors’ threats to force-feed and force-treat him, in addition to their determination not to recommend his medical condition as worthy of earlier release from prison, has led Rikhawi to regard them with deep distrust.) Though he is sustaining himself on water alone, Ms. Neddaf was troubled to observe that even drinking water was very difficult for him and he was only able to consume approximately one litre per day.
I urge you to take the following actions without further delay:
1. Demand that Israel move Akram to a civilian hospital and to allow independent doctors to visit him frequently and without impediments, and lift the ban on family visits.
2. To actively put pressure on Israel to end the arbitrary use of administrative detention, and condemn the punitive measures used to quell the efforts of the hunger strikers, who are engaged in legitimate protest.
3. Call for a fact finding mission to be organised by the European parliament to examine Israel’s treatment to Palestinian political prisoners and specifically hunger strikers.

Declare a Palestinian State – vote now

the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East – UNRWA

Where UNRWA works

UNRWA provides assistance, protection and advocacy for some 5 million registered Palestine refugees in GazaSyriaJordanLebanonand the West Bank.

Click on a map pin to find out more information about each refugee camp.


libros acerca de Palestina – Bücher über Palästina

The Institute for Palestine Studies – books

libros que se pueden leer en google-books:

Palestina – Tierra agua y fuego

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Gaza in crisis

libros que no se pueden leer en google-books:

Noam Chomsky

Estados fallidos – el abuso de poder y el ataque a la democracia

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Historia de la Palestina moderna: Un territorio, dos pueblos

Gerechtigkeit für Gaza – justice for Gaza – justicia para Gaza – justice pour Gaza

Khaled: 100 Days Prison for Making a Peace Sign – in pictures & videos

Los indignados salen de Tel Aviv y ganan la periferia de Israel

Los indignados salen de Tel Aviv y ganan la periferia de Israel

Decenas de miles de personas se manifiestan por la justicia social.- Es la primera vez que el movimiento de los indignados sale de las grandes ciudades y que la minoría árabe participa en la protesta